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Bella Italia is a popular Italian restaurant chain in the UK. It has been around since the early 90ís and is currently operating around 70 restaurants across the country. If ever you are looking for a place that has delicious food, affordable prices, cozy atmosphere and a friendly staff, Bella Italia is the perfect place for you. Bella Italia is an Italian restaurant that makes sure its customers gets the tasty food theyíve come for. They never fail at that, and even though at times it can be a bit busy for the staff due to the number of people dining there, they always manage to pull out things with a smile. They are always attentive when it comes to the needs of the customers and you wonít be disappointed one bit. In the menu, you can expect all sorts of Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta. You can also choose from one of the many items on their wine list. One thing thatís really great about Bella Italia is that their price range is pretty affordable. Compared to other Italian restaurants, you can say that Bella Italia is better off in terms of the quality-price ratio. Itís pretty affordable to dine here and the food is great, not to mention the service, and the place is always spotless to so you can be sure to have a cozy time here. To get things even cheaper, you can make use of vouchers to get discounts or free meals. You can simply head on over to to get a voucher code. With these voucher codes, you can pay for less in any of the Bella Italia restaurants in the country. bella italia VOUCHERS